Oh the Scandal!!!!

So this is the second “review” that I am gonna do. I would like to advise all readers that there will be spoilers. Some of you will disagree, some may agree, others will probably stop reading after the first paragraph as this also has the potential to end up being a full blown rant.

Scandal! The AMAZING TV show that I just didn’t get. The SCANDAL at the end of the show some how missed me. Yeah so there is that. I concentrated when I watched it… For the most part anyway. I lost all concentration for most of season two.. from episode 2 I think. I wasn’t sold by the end of season 1. It actually didn’t make me sit up and take notice and actually wanna watch more of it. I kinda sat back and played candy crush… and bejeweled blitz on my phone. Its possible that all the people who kept on going on about how amazing the show was basically made me get my hopes up.

Over acting OLIVIA POPE really started to annoy me. Always fixing things. Its nice to sometimes have her UNABLE to fix all of the things that she fixes. Forget her life as a criminal who breaks the law, makes bodies disappear (how does she know how to do all of this when she spent most of her adult life making sure someone got elected as president? Bearing in mind the reason why he got there was because of vote rigging and not from killing people) and has a married boyfriend…. Its because its OLIVIA POPE.

I always feel that shows should have one or two other underlying story arcs. This will give it some sort of longevity and make me wanna watch it. It wont become like CSI which is very predictable (Someone dies, they investigate, they interrogate, someone gives themselves up, they say something sad, the end). Shows like Nurse Jackie (I am not a fan of medical series’. The don’t do it for me. This one did) are awesome. Yes she’s a nurse in a hospital. She helps people, she has two kids and is married. She also has an attitude problem, a drug problem, and has a small house. Like awesome!

But I have digressed. As I was saying, OLIVIA POPE can’t just go around fixing EVARYthing there being no other interesting background story. Fitz and OLIVIA POPE? B-16 (or whatever the secret group was called. Incidentally, the episode where all of them were in a room and they were all saying what their specialities were: If the directors of this show were trying to making it seem that they were the most normal looking badasses they did a good job. All the shows that invovle badasses they always have some sort of military background of some sort. That granny who was also in the room? errrr yeah…… nope not convinced B-16 were badasses. They looked more like misfits (which is an AWESOME British show you need to watch if you havent. GET. ON. IT)? The fact that they rigged the election? Her daddy popping up at the end and being the one running B-16? That random chick who they all of a sudden employ at the beginning who gets blamed for killing her boyfriend with a bomb. If this series was a court case, the number of times I would have shouted “Objection!!! Relevance please!” would have been countless.

I watched it because someone I really love loves the show. (Shout out to B! Woop Woop) I watched it to the end. To be honest I think I enjoyed Entourage MORE than SCANDAL!!!!!! because I accepted the fact that it was about random occurrences of a bunch of guys trying to make it in Hollywood…. and there were hot chicks… yeah

Women are meant to be loved, not understood – Oscar Wilde



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