Enough is enough


So the question I have is about excess. At what point do you realise that the manner by which we live our lives is to excess. I always make the excuse that everyone is different and that everybody has different… excesses. For some people drinking from Wednesday through till Sunday is not excess. At the same time having eight beers for some is standard, and for other people it’s excessive. I suppose one of the big things is bench marks. I am in the throes of not smoking. I don’t smoke during the day while I am at work, and after work I will have anything from three to a box. Depending on if I end up going for drinks. Of course the weekend is a totally different issue as that’s my time to let my hair down.

The particular reason I mention this is because a friend of mine said that a group of us (himself and myself included) were functioning alcoholics. The definition of a functioning alcoholic that he proceeded to retrieve from the all trusting and all correct wikipedia (the reason I say that is because wikipedia pages are made by sometimes learned and sometimes unlearned individuals. However ANYONE can edit a wikipedia page) left a lot of questions in my head. The excerpt from the wikipedia definition of a High Functioning Alcoholic is “a form of alcoholism where the alcoholic is able to maintain their outside life such as jobs, academics, relationships, etc.”.

The definition of an alcoholic according to wikipedia is “compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, usually to the detriment of the drinker’s health, personal relationships, and social standing.” So by me looking at the two definitions, I become somewhat confused. I don’t think that my drinking or most of my friend’s drinking is compulsive. We sometimes binge, we are not dependent. I think the drinking back home is way different that it was when I was in London. Here I don’t think there is as much of a binge. I think its WAY cheaper here than when I was in the UK, we also have fewer things to do.

It’s not to say that excuses are being made, but I don’t think I would be greatly upset if alcohol was taxed more here. The biggest problem I see with my friends (myself included) is the almost complete lack of any form of exercise. I have too many friends my age (late 20s for those of you who don’t know) who have high blood pressure. Of course there are other complications that come with high BP. I’m not a medical professional, but it’s not great. If I had one wish, it would be that my friends and I would actually exercise regularly. Even just once a week. I try and run twice a week, but there are sometimes when I will go for a long time without running. My girlfriend always says to me “why run? It’s so boring.”. I kinda agree with her it is boring. It is however the one exercise which helps me to deal with my own things in my head. It also feels like I am jump starting my system. I enjoy running not because it’s competitive (I’ve promised myself to take part in some of the fun runs that are organised but I am still trying to get the confidence up), but because I can challenge myself to better my times and to try do further distances.

I feel that when I run, if I don’t give up and walk the rest of the distance, I will do the same for any other activities in life. I know this ended up going slightly to the left of topic, but I guess that’s what happens sometimes…

Alcohol taken in sufficient quantities may produce all the effects of drunkenness – Oscar Wilde


Author: ensigntongs

Husband, dog owner (two dogs), music junkie, electro jiving, movie loving, beer liking, "alternative", fun loving, carefree, occasionally hangry, PS3 addict, funky house head bopping, willing zombie response team member, whiskey drinker, conspiracy theorist, android loving, Kenny Rogers respecting, life and fun loving member of planet earth! I am also a construction professional currently working for a property developer as a project manager.

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