Racism Pt. 2

I wanted to start this on a rather light note before delving into the trickiness that is this particular blog. Here is some light heartedness for you to watch.

That a very interesting pho…why you sitting on a black person?

There has been a lot of noise that has been made about this particular image above. I am going to give you a quick glimpse into a WhatsApp conversation I have with a few friends regarding this picture shortly. If you don’t know what the picture is about click here to read The Mirrors article about it. To give you a quick two minute break down of the story, it goes like this. Roman Abramovich’s girlfriend released this photo (conveniently on Martin Luther King Day), got shat on, apologised and then removed it. It’s very odd how it went up on such a relevant day.

Below is an extract of part of a conversation I had with a group of friends about the above photo:

The start of the end…
Commentary on Dasha’s looks were also part of the conversations….
There was cursing as people got a little involved…
My friends have a way of expressing themselves
An insightful opinion always helps
Opinions are like assholes…
Blame game begins
Possible reasons…

Now there are a few things that need to be clarified once and for all. The image itself can be viewed as being offensive by some. Other people can’t really see what’s wrong with the photo. I think that it was tasteless of Dasha to put the photo out on Martin Luther King. It may have actually been intentional because maybe she is ignorant or possibly racist. I don’t know. I’ve never met the woman.

The person I am more annoyed (replace with upset) with is the chick who is acting as the chair. Why did she agree to be portrayed like that? Of course here there could be a million reasons for that. It could have been desperation, stupidity or possibly choice. What do you think?


Author: ensigntongs

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3 thoughts on “Racism Pt. 2”

  1. Hi Tongs,
    Firstly, didn’t know you had a blog. I look forward to using your comment field as my personal blog (as I do with all my friends’ blogs. Saves me time on setting it up and thinking of stuff to say)

    One or two thoughts about the post above.

    Firstly, friend’s can be real assholes and bot see things properly (ie. Exactly like me).
    That has not much to do with their comments as I’m sure you guys have resolved everything by now.

    Secondly, butthurt is a great word. Its my favourite Internet word.

    Thirdly and more to the point (closely related to point no.1), people are the worst.
    The chair (thankfully) is not a real woman.
    We can take that away from this.
    But it is a black woman and in the context of the world we live in now, it is still racist. One day it may not be considered racist because oppression of people of colour will be extinct and long forgotten, but that will not be on the lifetime of anyone alive at this moment.
    One of your friends mentioned geographical context. Yes, if it had been a white African sitting on a black chair, we would be going crazy (with reason), but Russia has horrific hate crimes at the moment, racist attacks are quite common. So, even in its own geographical context, it was wrong.
    In the context of it being the fashion industry it was wrong too… black women are few and far between on catwalk shows as well as in magazine spreads and fashion editorials, so when one of the few times we see a black woman she is depicted as an object to literally be sat on, then damn straight there should be uproar.
    When people say speaking about racism adds to its spread and therefore should be ignored and r shouldn’t be spoken about, their opinions most likely come from a position of privilege, where its nothing they’ve faced and continue to face if not in social circles then widely institutionally.

    The making of this chair, imo, is not wrong. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that printing it with a white woman sitting on it was ill advised and regardless of intention, most definitely sends out racist undertones.

    As a quick aside, I think it important for me, secondry to the fact that she is black, is the fact that she is a woman.
    If that picture had gone to print with a man sitting on a woman (regardless of eirhers sex’s colour), we would be speaking about the oppression of women.

    I apologise for any typos. Writing my rant on My phone.

    1. Hey Mandi,

      Welcome to my world or ramblings. I will try use the word butthurt every now and again to make sure that you read my blog and make your comments into blogs on my blog.

      It was bound to be a conversation that we as friends were going to have very different views about. Thats the reason why I didn’t really type much and letter the screen shots carry the vibe that we all had. I didn’t know that it was a chair of a black woman and not a black woman. I appreciate the comments. I do think that you need to get a better phone that can make your typos less obvious hahaha.

      Thanks for reading though. I’ll tag you on bookface whenever I put one up!!!

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