Reverse Prohibition

The guy leading the march representing all smokers

I imagine they were sitting in an office holding the biggest weed dealer in that state when they made the decision. He probably offered them endless amounts of high grade weed to get them to agree. The legalisation of weed (aka marijuana, mary jane, giggle twig, pot, indo, wacky backy, chronic, herb, grass, ganja, cannabis) in 14 states in America is still one that boggles the mind. On the surface of it you would think that it’s totally legal in these states. However it’s a little more complicated than that. Of the all those states there are some that have decriminalised the weed laws (if you get caught with weed, depending on the quantity it’s not prison, but a mere confiscation), some states also have legal medical weed, some states have both legal medical weed AND decriminalised weed, and two states have made it perfectly legal.

Now this is ‘Murica and for us from other parts of the world it’s hard to describe their Federal Laws and State Laws and all the rest of that. I don’t want to bore you to sleep trying to act intelligent when in fact all the info I got was from wikipedia. I much rather talk about the potential advantages/problems of legalisation or potentially the good things about it.

1. Flooded Market and therefore lower price

Replace water with weed

There are only two states where weed is legalised. TWO states. So that means competition. All the dealers and growing their weed for Washington State and Colorado. I am not going on the assumption that EVERYONE in Washington State is high all the time, but I am sure that now at parties that poor innocent girl who used to always say no to a puff and use the “its illegal” excuse is a master roller. It will now also be affordable for everyone. Weed used to be referred to as a gateway drug that helps drug dealers fund the movement of much more dangerous stuff. I don’t know if its true, but the number of overnight drug dealers, weed delivery men, dial a joint and other start up companies must have helped the economy of Colorado.

2. Variations of Weed

Laboratory grown

Its a fact that weed is grown in peoples basements with all sorts of UV lights and moisture conditions and things like that. I have seen it in the movies (not sure which ones to use as examples). There will be the tourist growth industry of weed competitions and the best grower will win a life time supply of Pringles in all possible flavours!

There will be space cake competitions as well where the cakes are judged not only on looks, but also on the quality, length and speed of the high. They will have to fly in special judges from around North, East, South and West London to come and adjudicate in these competitions.

Judges flown in from London for the various competitions

3. “I was in Washington State for the weekend”

Monday morning. Headache from the night before getting high in your apartment. Suddenly, as per company policy the random drug test happens. It’s your turn. You have an excuse. You don’t have to say you were smoking. You were visiting your uncle. He smokes. You were in the same room as him. Second hand smoke from some killer mary jane. Random drug test defeated.

Hashtag Winning!!!

4. Possible Slowdown of Demand

It may be that because it was illegal was the reason why people were so desperate to get their hands on some giggle twig. With it being readily available, it could result in less people actually smoking less instead of more.

5. Destroyed States

Before and after pictures…

The most extreme case is that after a few years, there are a few states (two in particular) that are essentially not functioning. They will be people who have decided to take an early retirement, live on their weed plantation, smoke all day and all night. There are also the health risks associated to smoking a lot of weed. Lack of motivation, personality and mood changes, increased heart beat (and risk of heart attack) and reduced sexual capacity. Of course you can always guarantee that those states will never vote for anything violence related. They will all be about the peace (or at least so we hope).

Ultimately it is a weird law. Well not necessarily weird, but a complex one. There is something that they have in place (and I do hope that its for all states) that says that if you come within 150 metres of a school or a recreation centre with ANY amount of weed is a felony and is punishable by up to 5 years and a fine of up to $50,000. Sorry kids, dealer can’t come deliver while you are in class. You gonna have to see them after.

Have a awesome weekend people


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