Just do it

Hellllloooo friends. Sorry for the hiatus. There has been a lot that’s happened since I last posted. I wanna start by apologising in advance as I am typing this on my phone. A an individual full of guile was kind enough to break into my car and take with him my laptop and a few other trinkets that I had a very soft spot for.

This is the vandalism inflicted

As a result I have no work laptop at the moment and had to fork out for a new alarm.

I also went to Kariba for the first time in my life. The place is hot as Hades. I didn’t go for pleasure unfortunately. It was a work thing and only managed one day and one night there. I must say it is a pretty nice place (except for the heat).

A sight for sore eyes
Taken at 7pm
View from the breakfast table

This would have all been very romantic if I had gone with my girlfriend. Instead I was working and with my boss.

Incidentally I wanna give out a quick shout out to her as she just got space for her shop!

Right now that’s all out of the way, during my drive to Kariba with my boss, we were having a conversation about the state of affairs in the country. As many of us know, there are a lot of parastatals that are paying their top employees but not performing. This is where I realised that there is an option. One that will give us citizens some of the services we expect and one that will also make the government money. Privatisation. Just do it!

Now it doesn’t have to be all of them. It is important for the government to make money, but some of these parastatals should be privatised. Given up to individuals and then run like actual businesses. Now there are some that the government can’t let go off. Water and electricity spring to mind immediately. We can’t have some rich megalomaniac akin to “Sir” Wicknell demanding people bow down to him or no one will have access to electricity or water. That would be absurd.

But why not let the railways be run as a business, the GMB be run as a business? With real business minded people running them (and the government regulating) surely they would be turned around and almost normal service would resume?

Food for thought…


There are some really weird online “games” that I have heard of in my thus short internets experience. Most of them involve crazy things like the colour of your underwear and the name of the first who made you throw up in your mouth. These have all been somewhat benign. They have never lasted very long. Then again these are the internets. The only thing that lasts on the internets are the internets themselves. Everything has a life line, they are some interneters who have already started to predict the fall of the BookFace.

This was his response to John Travolta when he tried
This was his response to John Travolta when he tried

However this neknominations are a little interesting. For those of you who are not award what it is, according to Wikipedia (The only website left on the internets with true and accurate that can be edited by anyone) a neknomination is ” is an online drinking game. The original parameters of the game required the participant, or neknominee, to film themselves drinking a pint of an alcoholic beverage, usually beer, in one gulp and upload the footage to the web. The participant then nominates two others to to do the same. The nominated person has to complete the task within 24 hours. As the game spread it escalated with nominees performing the challenge in more extreme circumstances by drinking more potent beverages or engaging in dangerous activities either during or immediately after consuming their beverage. This ultimately resulted in two confirmed deaths of participants.”

Sounds simple enough. Sure. It was quite interesting because people got pretty creative about downing a beer or you know a bottle of rose. They had all sorts of music, scenery, there were also the charitable neknominations where people did something nice for someone less fortunate.

Watch Robin getting slapped is always a good thing
Watch Robin getting slapped is always a good thing

In general I have a few things to say about these neknominations:

  1. Where did this phenomenon start? What made a bunch of rather bored adults decide to down a drink, record it and nominate someone they knew? My suspicion is that there was someone who wanted to have a drink with a friend who was on the other side of the world, and then make it more interesting by making it a competition to make a cool video, record it and put it on the BookFace coz sharing a drink via Skype isn’t as cool anymore.
  2. Because we are so easily excited by the bells tied to a cows neck, it was only inevitable that someone would have decided that his video had to be the most amazing and remarkably dangerous that unfortunately some people died. It was supposed to be fun, not result in the death of people. The moment that people died, it became stupid. Unfortunately, that is the way that us humans are.

    One of the more colourful neknominations
    One of the more colourful neknominations
  3. The people who did something charitable simply stated that they were not going to down a drink, but were going to do something nice for someone less fortunate. As I said earlier, the life span of most fads on the internets isn’t very long. This could have had some traction if the 24hr challenge was to do something similarly charitable or more. Of course I am a HUGE sceptic as to why some people do things especially on the internets. Some do it to be seen doing it, while others do it because that is what they are like.
This was one of the guys in SA who did something nice by giving a sandwich and a drink...
This was one of the guys in SA who did something nice by giving a sandwich and a drink…

In some finality, I am sad that no one consider me for a neknomination. In my old age I don’t think I would be able to down a beer to be honest. The thought of trying would have been fun. Unfortunately I don’t have the creativeness to have made the video interesting at all. I hope that one day, the drinkers of the human race realise there are better ways of drinking your booze. You don’t HAVE to down it. You can play the flappy bird drinking game instead…

No retreat, no surrender

Valentines Day…

I feel as though I have been neglecting my blog. So as the day comes to an end (and shock horror its raining again) I thought that I would just do a straight to the source blog today. No prior editing. This one is straight into the vein. I will be glad if all grammatical errors are ignored.


So that Valentines things is around the corner. Single people are planning on being all anti establishment. They gonna party like rock stars, drink too much, cry, act happy… The usual stuff that they do every year on Valentines. Of course the people in relationships will be thinking what they could do, some will be (lucky and won’t) spending Valentines how they do it every year. I don’t mind Valentines all that much. I am with someone who gets the fact that it doesn’t have to be this big blow out party with fireworks and dancing midget clowns. Everyday should be Valentines. I probably don’t try make everyday like Valentines. If I did there would be no flowers left and my gf might not have teeth.


But the fact that is, Valentines always makes me feel odd. It feels like the whole female race has been brainwashed by some company that makes greeting cards. As far as I am concerned, they are more dangerous that tobacco companies (In my very esteemed and well educated opinion). It’s like if you don’t do anything on Valentines, there is every possibility that ALL of your girlfriends friends are gonna come after you with the sole intention of doing grievous bodily harm. It’s like a force thing. What’s worse is that you see all these guys doing the same thing. Buying cards, flowers, chocolate and wine (and dinner, brunch, breakfast). This is the reason why I am convinced that the greeting card company that won the world wider tender to host Valentines for the next 10 years is inherently evil.

Turn a whole species of men into but pawns that all do the same thing. Well not all of us. There are some who still feel that they don’t celebrate Valentines. Some of those stalwarts will only admit that fact as long as their other half isn’t within 250metres. It’s a nice dream. No one will ever know the true extent of the greeting card mind control during Valentines. You only know what you do with your partner.

Anyway, enjoy the brainwashing. It seems that the greeting card company that won the tender has gotten better at their work. Some of us don’t even complain about Valentines anymore….