Valentines Day…

I feel as though I have been neglecting my blog. So as the day comes to an end (and shock horror its raining again) I thought that I would just do a straight to the source blog today. No prior editing. This one is straight into the vein. I will be glad if all grammatical errors are ignored.


So that Valentines things is around the corner. Single people are planning on being all anti establishment. They gonna party like rock stars, drink too much, cry, act happy… The usual stuff that they do every year on Valentines. Of course the people in relationships will be thinking what they could do, some will be (lucky and won’t) spending Valentines how they do it every year. I don’t mind Valentines all that much. I am with someone who gets the fact that it doesn’t have to be this big blow out party with fireworks and dancing midget clowns. Everyday should be Valentines. I probably don’t try make everyday like Valentines. If I did there would be no flowers left and my gf might not have teeth.


But the fact that is, Valentines always makes me feel odd. It feels like the whole female race has been brainwashed by some company that makes greeting cards. As far as I am concerned, they are more dangerous that tobacco companies (In my very esteemed and well educated opinion). It’s like if you don’t do anything on Valentines, there is every possibility that ALL of your girlfriends friends are gonna come after you with the sole intention of doing grievous bodily harm. It’s like a force thing. What’s worse is that you see all these guys doing the same thing. Buying cards, flowers, chocolate and wine (and dinner, brunch, breakfast). This is the reason why I am convinced that the greeting card company that won the world wider tender to host Valentines for the next 10 years is inherently evil.

Turn a whole species of men into but pawns that all do the same thing. Well not all of us. There are some who still feel that they don’t celebrate Valentines. Some of those stalwarts will only admit that fact as long as their other half isn’t within 250metres. It’s a nice dream. No one will ever know the true extent of the greeting card mind control during Valentines. You only know what you do with your partner.

Anyway, enjoy the brainwashing. It seems that the greeting card company that won the tender has gotten better at their work. Some of us don’t even complain about Valentines anymore….



Author: ensigntongs

Husband, dog owner (two dogs), music junkie, electro jiving, movie loving, beer liking, "alternative", fun loving, carefree, occasionally hangry, PS3 addict, funky house head bopping, willing zombie response team member, whiskey drinker, conspiracy theorist, android loving, Kenny Rogers respecting, life and fun loving member of planet earth! I am also a construction professional currently working for a property developer as a project manager.

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