An Ode to Stairs and Tongues

He does look like a dodgy chap tho

Oh Dominic, oh Dominic. This dude managed to try and kill the internets. Him and his female companion. Who would have thought that the best place to engage in a sexual act of LUDICROUS proportions would be a some steps just off a street. I mean, they could have waited till they got home, or waited for a car. Instead, he was happy for his female companion to sit on his face… in the street. I mean, I get that sometimes people can get sexually frustrated, but this is just too much. There are so many other ways that one can release that stress. Go to a strip club. No cameras are allowed in there. No one will ever know (apart from you, the adult entertainers, the bar tenders, the waiters, the dj, the bouncers, the cashier AND the other patrons) that you were there. Not the way that the internets know know who Dominc Celaire is. When I first received the video of their actions, I must admit that I was quite shocked at the speed that his female counter part got up and departed after discovery.

Wow is all I can say…

Now there are various lines of thought regarding this whole situation. Who convinced who to do that in public? If it was her, then she is of low moral standing. If it WAS her, he is also of low moral standing to agree to doing it. Like I have heard of drunken decisions that turn out to be the wrong one to make. Some have greater ramifications than others. This was just poor man… 

Negroes around the world frown upon him,…

It does seem like a bit of a set up. Either that or he was SO engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t realise that there was the possibility of a pedestrian walking by, getting their camera out and trying to break the internet. It is people like this who will always remind me that the human race has a LOOOONNNGGG way to go before aliens agree to come and help us advance closer to the future.

All in all what we can learn from this incident is that if a woman proposes stairs and tongues, then she is of a questionable nature. If the man makes the suggestion, he is of a questionable nature. For the two of them to agree that its a good idea is a match made in Heaven. To Dominic Celaire and Laila Habib – Get a room!!!

The streets aint safe anymore

Whoever told you that this YOLO was the way forward, forgot to tell you what it was like when you lived twice – Tongai Matenga





Author: ensigntongs

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