The Partial death of BookFace and other parts of the internets

As some of you know (or don’t know), I was recently uprooted from my rather comfy dwellings in head office and sent to site. For those of you who also don’t know, I work for a construction company. My office in headquarters was nice. It had air-conditioning, days that started at 730-8am and ended at 430pm (except when we had a tender submission the next day and we would effectively sleep at work), a rather shit lunch, a day that dragged on and was mainly spent looking at BookFace, twitting, and refreshing my email constantly in the hope that one more person would have decided that my blog was working, a constant power source AND all the internet i needed during a quiet work day.

Now my days starts at 5am when I wake up, I am at HQ to change cars at 630ish am, and am on site from 7am till sometimes 5pm. There is no internet, the power we get is from a generator which is on for most of the day, I spend the day out in the “field” which is a dust filled area with loads of tipper trucks cruising around at breakneck speeds.


Of course in my profession if you would like to call it that, practical hands on experience is important as it helps with the development of an individual in the industry. As a result I am on site for the first time and getting my experience.

I don’t miss the BookFace at all. It has made me realise how unproductive that website makes people. I used to use it to get by at work, and the longer i spent using the website it turned into a druggie that couldn’t get through the whole day without clicking on that damn home button to refresh, or the excitement of seeing that you have four notifications that are from your favourite app…

It’s like a drug. It’s almost as bad as these smartphone bad boys that some people can’t stop swiping and zooming in and clearing notifications. I am one of the smartphone druggies, I won’t lie. Bookface though didn’t have me as hooked as some people are. Of course there is the possibility that I am a full blown addict and I am doing what all addicts do of denying my addiction.  There is lies the problem. If we look at it this way, we are all addicts.