Its been SO long since I last posted that I don’t even have an interesting pearl of wisdom to shine up and drop on your laps. It’s actually quite disturbing because I almost feel like I have started to run out of banter to punish some of you with. I fell out of the habit of taking notes on my phone of various conversations and then turning them into a claimed epiphany on my blog. So instead I am going to talk about the tab that I recently liberated from my mum.

She was given a Samsung tab by my dad recently… well more like two months ago. It hadn’t seen the light of day till two weeks ago, upon which it took a whole night to charge as it had never fully experienced what charging was like since it was given to my mum. Don’t get me wrong, my mum tries to keep up with the internets. She has a touch screen phone (which she barely uses) and still has an email account with Hotmail. 

I have never seen the point of having a tab, and have in fact argued that they are ungainly, not always a nice sight, they are unpractical, essentially they are a bigger version of my phone, taking phone calls on them just looks stupid, and they are not really made for movie watching because of the difficulty that you experience trying to hold/balance the damn things.

But I like to watch vines, and I have been looking to play some chess as well so I downloaded those two apps. Then I downloaded my bookface onto the tab… then I suddenly put on a pattern lock. At that point, I realised that I had liberated it from my mum. I don’t take it to work with me because I know I will get distracted. But goodness me, when I want to internets, play my current addiction (Clash of Clans. Check the app store/play store) I can play it on a nice sized screen that doesn’t make me blind, the music player is ok, and it seems to have a lot of sound, and it’s not tiresome to carry around in all honest.

So I think I may have fallen for a tab. After years and years of not being sure where it fits in with all my other little toys, it has founds its place between my phone and my laptop!