RIPD (Rest in Peace Department. Includes spoilers…. Lots of them)


R.I.P.D – Rest In Peace Department


Actors: Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern)

Jeff Bridges (Some other movies…. I don’t know them)

Kevin Bacon (A lot of other movies I can’t be bothered to look up or care to remember. He did act in this series called the following)

So my initial guess is that this movie was supposed to be like a comedy. I didn’t quite get the WHOLE comedy side of it. It has at most some amusing parts. The rest of the movie had a rather sombre feel to it.

So Green lantern is a semi dirty cop who has decided that it is time to get out of the business of being a dirty-ish cop. It is never explained how dirty he is, but he is a little dirty. You could compare him to a shit stain, as opposed to a full blown steaming coil. Of course as a cop, he has a partner who is also part of the dirt crew.

Just as it seems like Green Lantern is getting a conscious he is (wait for it) shot by his partner who doesn’t WANT to be handwashed of machine washed. He wants to eventually become a steaming coil.

Green Lantern dies, and instead of going to Hell or Heaven, he ends up as a cop for a department that keeps dead people dead… or something like that. They stop dead people from mingling with humans. In effect they are a knock off version of Men In Black. A very cheap knock off version.


The movie tries to give Green Lantern and Jeff Bridges some funny relationship that grows as the movies gets more and more pedestrian. To throw an (un)expected twist, it turns out that Green Lantern’s partner Mr. Bacon, is a deado (that what they call them) and is trying to bring the world to an end by bringing the dead back or some funny shit like that.

Typical deado
Another deado variant

I honestly felt like this was a movie from a comic, and it would have made so much more sense to keep it as a comic. All the deados could have been made to look so cool, you could have understood the relationship between Green Lantern and the Jeff Bridges, between the Bacon and the Lantern.

All in all the movie had no memorable things about it, it almost made me laugh once, but it was not about some witty comment in the movie, but just by how ridiculous the movie actually was. When I was given the movie I was warned that it was leaning very close to a dried piece of dog poo, but I decided that for the future of my blog, I would endure the movie so that it would have something to vaguely talk about while at work watching a dust storm in the middle of winter in Zimbabwe (which doesn’t happen). I would attach pictures of evidence but I can’t be bothered to go outside of my office.


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