The Purge (If you think this doesn’t contain spoiler, keep reading to be disappointed)


It’s funny that it seems that writing movie reviews is much easier than the random rantings that I used to post. I guess its easier coz I can talk a whole bunch of nonsense or praise about a movie that I will have watched.

So this particular movie I watched sometime last year. Of course the sheer horror of what I watched has haunted me since I watched the movie that it is basically burnt into the top of my hands… and my palms so everytime I look at my hands I get reminded of the absolute waste of an hour and thirty five minutes of my life I am never going to get back. I could have spent it feeding ducks and I would have had more satisfaction than this rather short collection of scenes involving murders, conversations, and mock fear.

So this movie stars Ethan Hawke as the head of a normally functional family, with his wife, teenage daughter who hates him, and wide eyed son who ask lots of stupid questions, and totally loving, obedient and dependent wife (As I said, normally functional family. I don’t know why movies always portray families to be like this. That’s not everyones reality, but this can be a chat for another day). He works for a company that specialises in home security. Total home security. His house is a big panic room… with lots of rooms.

The basic premise of this movie is its America in a semi distant future, the current leaders have allowed a special day in the year where all crime is legal. The use of any weapons except for class four (no idea what class four weapons are, but I assume that is probably chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and general stuff that causes war like damage) are permitted. All members of government are also exempt from the day of carnage. The catch is that all emergency services will be disabled. No ambulance, police or fire people. At this point I got excited because it was a total anarchy for 24hrs situation. What could the director of the movie do with such an exciting prospect for a movie.

I was excited, and there is a very eerie part of the movie where there is announcement about the start of the purge and the rules to the purge. This is where the movie started to break down for me. Whatever state Ethan was in, the purge was starting at 8pm… what about other parts of Americaland… surely some places it would then start during the day right? Coz Americanland is HUGE! So this is where the disappointment starts.

Of course the son decides to help someone who is about to get purged by a group of masked madmen out in the streets of suburbia exacting violence on random people. Random black guy manages to hide in Ethan’s house… for the whole movie. Like THE WHOLE MOVIE. Till the end. In someone else’s house.

There is a debate between the mother and the father because the randoms outside want the random inside. Father says yes, then no, then he dies (thank God), but mother was saying no the whole time.

The interesting twist at the end if you manage to keep concentrating that long without falling into a coma, is that just when the masked randoms break into the house, the neighbours come and kill the masked randoms. All happy days its over. NOOO!!! They also wanted to get a taste of Ethan’s family. Of course before they can deal a swift death to them (after some ritualistic chanting and so forth), random black guy pops up and saves the day!
In the true course of trying to leave you wondering, at the end of the 24hrs, when the sun comes up and the ambulances are dispatched, random black guy says thanks and walks on his way.

The End

Like what the fuck man!!!!! But seriously, watch it. Its not a horror. It’s like a part comedy part b movie part thriller part action movie. You see normal people doing extraordinarily amazing and dumb shit all in one go.

A very apt description...

Author: ensigntongs

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