Return to Mordor

This is what head office feels like....
This is what head office feels like….

For those of you who don’t know I work for a construction company. Up until recently I had been removed from head office and sent to a site that was still in the same city that I live in, but in a remote part that it actually feels like I am in the bush. For those of you familiar with Harare, you will know that most of it is built up. What you don’t know, is that there are some parts where it is literally breaking ground. There are some places where there is nothing. Literally nothing. There is so much nothing that it is perfectly normal to see a herd of cattle stroll past you and look at you as if YOU are out of place.

Occasionally when there is work that needs to be done and the guys at HQ are busy they will call me and ask if I can come and give a helping hand. I guess that means that I am valuable that they call on my specific skill sets. I feel like a special agent… except there is no awesome gadgets and exotic locations (semi exotic in terms of I wouldn’t go there out of my own choice. Once again the locations have NOTHING there….).

Sights of site
Sights of site

So I’m back here and I have been thinking about where I prefer to be. The site I am working on is 10km away from head office, I start work at 7am which means I have to wake up at 5am to be out the house at 6am.

Early morning safety meeting... like real early
Early morning safety meeting… like real early

I finish work at 430, but arrive home at 6pm, I work with an individual who has a very strong rural background (I intend on highlighting some of the exciting aspects of his character), it is filled with dust, its hot, there are no trees. However everyday is a new challenge. There is no formula that says from day one to day x we will encounter the same challenges.

Low water table
Low water table

In fact sometimes they are the same, but manifested in different ways. On site the day goes WAAAAY faster coz I’m in the field, and busy organizing and having arguments with some of the people who I work with. It feels like it is exercise (mentally and physically).

The field
The field

Of course the head office has a few perks. I only start work at 730am, and I get home at 515pm at the end of the day. I am in a proper office, I am not wearing and PPE, if I need to speak to someone I can call them internally. Unfortunately I can’t take random naps at work coz this is HQ. Anyone could walk into my office…. I mean this is where are the directors and the CEO live. This is THEIR house. I used to like the fact that at HQ there is internets so I can…. blog and do my assignments for my diploma. But to be honest that’s not a good enough reason to like being at this place. I can pass through here. But I can’t stick around here anymore. Its BORING!!! Like what the hell man….

View from my desk... another desk
View from my desk… another desk

I know I have to endure a few more days here, but I am going to make the most of it. Hopefully I will get some blogs done, I will also do a coursework for school and maybe if I manage to find the full motivation, I may just try and do my group assignment. The internets are amazing, but you can live without them… anyway seeing as I’m back in Mordor I might as well hide under my desk….



Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead (No Spoilers)

It has been too long since I graced this wonderful world of nonsense that spills out of the side of my brain. I don’t particularly have much of a topic so I think I am going to wing it and have a bit of a love letter to one of my favorite ever shows… The Walking Dead.

Most of them are dead... and or missing
Most of them are dead… and or missing

Now I’m not going to go into how good a zombie series it is, or why I like certain well made zombie movies/series. Instead I think there is a real imaginable world that is painted. I mean for one thing World War Z was absolutely atrocious (In my expert critical movie opinion), but TWD has really got me.

I’ve been watching it for a while now, and there are the unbelievable episodes where everything that can go wrong does go wrong. There are the episodes where the things that can go right go right. I watched the first episode of season 5 last night, and I have to admit that I was beside myself. I almost watched the episode a second time, but I forced myself to do the right thing and get into bed and sleep.

The episode provided me with everything I needed to rejoin the dark world of TWD. There was a fair bit of horror, there was some action… well a lot of action, there was a bit of drama. Ultimately it did end with the question that I don’t mind asking at the beginning of most TV shows. What happens next….