Well Hello There….

Wow it has been a long time since I got a chance to share some of my random stupid thoughts here. I think its actually a bad thing that I stopped coz I still think this was my of self counselling. I blame work. It’s odd that I blame work for interfering with a hobby. Work isn’t supposed to interfere with hobbies. Hobbies are supposed to be managed around time spent at work. But that is the case in my life. Unfortunately I have been put on a rather boring project that seems to be finally coming to an end. I have always said how I love the construction industry because you can never have two identical projects. It is simply impossible because of the unknown conditions that will be encountered on the site and also what may be happening economically globally. I think fate decided to laugh at me and I got sent to a low cost housing project.

My Site
My Site

The thing is with this project, once you have built one block of the little houses, you have basically completed the project. What I mean by that is that it is basically repetition. Doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over (700+ times) again. The challenges that are faced on site are the same. The only thing that changes is the day of the week and the manner in which the challenge is expressed (either angry, bored, tired, frustrated or confused).

Low water table
Low water table

I’m enough of waking up at 5am to try get here by 7am. It’s actually done my head in now. I actually want the project to come to an end now. And it almost is. I am afraid of fate though. I could end up being sent into the middle of the bush for an undisclosed time. I am fortunate that I am on a project that’s actually in Harare. I guess there are somethings to be grateful for.

In other news:

Must watch TV:

1. Luther (Starring Idris Alba. British show. Super TV. Shout out to Herb for getting me on it)

2. Downton Abbey (British show [Again]. Super TV [Again]. Shout out to Herb [Again])

3. Misfits (British show [Again]. Super TV [Again]. Not sure who put me on it, but shout out to Chris for checking to see if there was season 4 and 5 floating in the internets)

The other stuff going on in my life I am not ready to share with you guys as it’s too private at the moment. When the time is right all shall be revealed… (I write this like anyone actually reads this).

Till the next episode I guess…

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Author: ensigntongs

I am dude who has a lot of opinions. I was born in Zimbabwe, did my tertiary education in the UK and came back to Zimbabwe after that. I never used to be interested in current affairs, but being home has made me take a little bit of an interest in it. I enjoy writing about the day to day madness that happens in my country, movies that I watch, video games that I play and music that I am listening to. I prefer not to write too about serious issues, however, it happens from time to time I enjoy movies, reading comics, listening to music, playing video games, watching football (not American), spending time with my wife, and listening to her crazy stories.

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