Court Ruling Frightening Zimbabweans


Recently the highest court of the land in Zimbabwe made a rather interesting ruling. They said that employers essentially had the same rights as employees. What I refer to is the fact that employees could bring their work contracts to an end by simply giving three months notice. Recently the courts in Zimbabwe decided to make that ruling the same for employers. Obviously there was uproar and some of the statistics that have been bounded about are that up to 1000 people have lost their jobs since the ruling.

Now there are a few issues about this ruling. First of all it is a damn shame that people are losing their jobs. It’s never a nice thing to go through. Unfortunately, it happens all over the world. The labour law that we are using in 2015 is not relevant as it was written in 1985. The economy is on fire, and people are aware of that, yet you expect to not really work at work, and have the protection that the only way that you will get released from your employment is through a dismissal, which in this country and the way the labour courts are, unless you do have mitigating evidence proving misconduct (for example), you ain’t going anywhere.

So this led to a lot of dead wood. People who aren’t adding value to companies yet were drawing a salary. It’s led to a lot of CEOs and directors sitting pretty knowing that they were at the company until retirement. As long as they kept their noses clean, they wouldn’t be dismissed. Can you imagine that shareholders couldn’t fire their CEOs and other top level directors as the ransom would be no dividends because of the packages these guys were on? Worse yet for some of these companies to replace these guys, they would spend shitloads of money on them for some ridiculous package that doesn’t make sense in an economy that’s on fire like Zimbabwe.

So now comes the hope that this ruling is going to be used to trim the civil servants wage bill. This is probably made up of ghost workers, and people long dead who’s salaries are still going to someone. There has to be a rationalisation of business operations for anything to change in this country. This is step one. Releasing people who one couldn’t be released as to happen. We would like to have progression in this country, and unfortunately it is not going to happen with some of the backwards older generation of directors and senior managers. Experience in a critical operational position is important, but progressive thinking is the only way to bring Zimbabwe out of the 1990s to 2015.

I am no economist, but I do realise that if a company is not making enough money to justify keeping employees, they should have the same option that employees have: three months of notice. It is a shitty situation, but then again it IS a shitty situation in the country.



Ashley Madison


So Ashley Madison has been in the news recently. There are a bunch of internet terrorists who hacked the website and said if they don’t shut down the website they would release all of the people who have signed up for the website’s personal information. Ashley Madison is described as (seen above in the picture) an online dating and social networking site marketed for people in relationships and marriages.

Ok hang the fuck on. This site basically helps people cheat on their husbands and wives. There are a couple of issues involved here that I am gonna rant about. Firstly this website ENCOURAGES infidelity by promising to keep your infidelity hidden. Like really? What is more shocking is that from the above banner there are shitloads of people signing up and using the website. What the fuck is going on? Sometimes I do think that the world is burning. As far as I am concerned, if you aint happy in your marriage (for whatever reason), cheating is not gonna make you happy with your partner. Get the fuck outta there if you  aint happy. Why lie to yourself and your person? I am not the voice of reason on this topic and I am merely making my own point of view about it. But what the fuck guys?

These guys operate in 29 countries around the world. Not surprising most/all of the countries are first world countries (with the second world country of South Africa included).

The second this I want to rant about is gonna sound like I support this shit. I don’t. Not one bit. It’s garbage. If you gonna straight up go to a church or do the registry thing and get married, you sign a legal document saying that you are a one man one woman person. If you wanna fuck around don’t get married. But what is worse is that this website shows how lazy the internet has made the human race (As I said I don’t agree with it). Before if people wanted to fuck around they would have to make the bloody effort and leave the house and go and talk to other people and lie that they weren’t married (or omit that part) and not wear their ring and put in bloody time and effort. Now motherfuckers be opening their computer and doing it from the comfort of their office at work on the work computer acting like they working and shit. Again garbage.

I am QUITE glad that the website got hacked. I hope they shut that shit down. I don’t agree with it, its not right and it sure as hell aint OK. I happened upon a few articles that I sped read from people who apparently worked for the website and they spoke about “it was the best place to work”. That’s some straight up PR bullshit. It’s like someone who works for a company that designs missiles or bullets saying “I get job satisfaction at work”. Nope, I call shenanigans. I hope the website goes up in flames. Or the internet terrorists release all the data they have. That would make for some interesting times….

Mad Max: Fury Road


So if this is your first time reading on of my movie reviews, please know that there are going to be some spoilers. Don’t give me a hard time if you haven’t watched the movie and you continue reading past my legal disclaimer. My simple response will be fuck off.

Anyway, wow this movie was wild. I have to say they managed to paint a really twisted post-apocalyptic future. The story is that poor Max tried to save his family and failed, and now you are not sure whether the voices he hears of his family have eventually driven him crazy. However whenever he seems like he’s in a tight spot he sees his poor dead daughter and he goes a little bit mad.

So anyway he seems to be generally wandering about some part of the world, or America (all end of world incidents start with America), when he gets picked up by some strange tribe of people who have a rather evil looking leader. (See pic below).

Evil Leader Named Immortal Joe
Evil Leader Named Immortal Joe

Now Joe has a couple of issues. For one he controls the inhabitants of his fine land with water. He gives them water when he wants. So they are extremely fucked. What we sort of see later on is that he is also milking some of the women of their breast milk…. I still didn’t quite get what that was about. Furthermore, he has a vault where he used to keep his daughters who he also used to sleep with (I think, am not sure).

Anyway, he sends one of his trusted drivers (Charlize Theron who has one arm) to go get fuel from some other town. It turns she had actually in advance had broken out Joe’s kids and had them in the truck she was driving. She leaves with a support team of Joe’s Warboys (funny gray dudes who constantly wanna kill themselves so that they can reach vallhalla).

Warboy about to do some crazy ass shit that won't lengthen his existence
Warboy about to do some crazy ass shit that won’t lengthen his existence

So when she goes off route, Joe finds out, goes and sees his vault is empty, and then proceeds to lose him mind a little and gets all his cars to go on the hunt after his daughters. Max happened to have been captured so one of the Warboys decides that he needs to make a statement at the front of his car, and thus places Max as a…. I don’t know what to call it, so I will show you.

Max as an extra front bumper?

Eventually after a few car chases and a whole lot of rather out there crazy ass shit happening, Max helps Charlize kill Joe, she almost dies but Max saves her, they go back from where they came from, she a dead Joe, open the water so the starving people have something to drink and then it basically ends.

My Highlights of the Movie

They managed to paint a very frightening post-apocalyptic world. The zoomed in on Joe’s face a lot to give him a pure maniacal look. The car chases were a bit ridiculous, but this is mad max. It was supposed to be over the top.

Max also isn’t the most talkative of people. So it is hard to figure

My biggest joy that made me laugh at the absolute nuttiness of the dudes who made this film was this truck that had a guy suspended in mid-air, with speakers behind him, holding a guitar playing music while they chased Charlize and Max down.

Oh and his guitar occasionally lets out a stream of fire. Yes, fire….

Thats the crazy shit I'm talking about!!!
That’s the crazy shit I’m talking about!!!

All in quite an entertaining movie. Two hours well spent. There were a few times where I stopped concentrating on what was going on, but that was just because of how crazy shit was!


The Honda Fit Car-tel (HFC)


So of late the street of Harare have been taken over but this particular car-tel. It seems as  though they don’t really have any entrance initiation into the car-tel as you see all kinds of people driving Honda Fits. We have old people, young people, men, women, white, black, Indian and mix-raced people driving them. They also all seem to get the same version which is the 2007/2008 version. What worries me is that they are everywhere.

Spotted in the streets
Donning the spare rimless tyre at the back there

The thing is there are so many of these Honda’s it’s impossible to miss them. On one outing with my wife, we counted almost 15 of them in a 20km drive. That’s like a lot of Honda’s per kilometer. It may be possible that this car-tel has taken over Mercedes of being the highest number of Honda’s per capita.

This is not the same HFC (Honda Fit Car-tel member as the previous picture)
This is not the same HFC (Honda Fit Car-tel member as the previous picture)

What becomes very clear as you can see from the two pictures is that the HFC has a specific colour that they have to adhere to. Keeping in line with other gangs around the world, there has to be a specific colour so as to differentiate themselves from other car-tels.

Typical car-tel carpark meet up
Typical car-tel carpark meet up

In some instances, this car-tel has chosen parking lots to meet up and discuss something that I have never been privy to and have no intention of knowing about. It does show their strength of their car-tel with the group think that they have.

The light blue is one of the only colours it comes in
The light blue is one of the only colours it comes in

They are generally characterised by a lack of rims, rear suspension almost sitting on the wheel, a random assortment of dents on the car to cars that look like they have just come out of an accident but decided to continue driving.

Another group meeting
Another group meeting

I cannot however comment on the car itself because I have never driven one. I can tell you that the greatest USP (unique selling point) of this car, particularly the 2007 version which is awash on the streets of Harare, and other towns is the fact that this car does (in town) 8.6litres of petrol per 100km and 7.4litres of petrol per 100km on the highway. Sure that is estimated, but that means if you decided to drive to Johannesburg in a Fit (which I wouldn’t suggest because it looks like a shitty ride), all you would need to get there is 74litres of fuel…. give or take. You can basically drive forever and like 12 more months before you need to put fuel in your car. It’s ridiculous and unfair. My car does 10-13km of petrol per 100km. That’s not fair man!

Once I find the HFC leader, I will try and coax him into giving me an interview, so I can get more information about the nature of their Car-tel and what their extraordinary activities are…