The Honda Fit Car-tel (HFC)


So of late the street of Harare have been taken over but this particular car-tel. It seems as  though they don’t really have any entrance initiation into the car-tel as you see all kinds of people driving Honda Fits. We have old people, young people, men, women, white, black, Indian and mix-raced people driving them. They also all seem to get the same version which is the 2007/2008 version. What worries me is that they are everywhere.

Spotted in the streets
Donning the spare rimless tyre at the back there

The thing is there are so many of these Honda’s it’s impossible to miss them. On one outing with my wife, we counted almost 15 of them in a 20km drive. That’s like a lot of Honda’s per kilometer. It may be possible that this car-tel has taken over Mercedes of being the highest number of Honda’s per capita.

This is not the same HFC (Honda Fit Car-tel member as the previous picture)
This is not the same HFC (Honda Fit Car-tel member as the previous picture)

What becomes very clear as you can see from the two pictures is that the HFC has a specific colour that they have to adhere to. Keeping in line with other gangs around the world, there has to be a specific colour so as to differentiate themselves from other car-tels.

Typical car-tel carpark meet up
Typical car-tel carpark meet up

In some instances, this car-tel has chosen parking lots to meet up and discuss something that I have never been privy to and have no intention of knowing about. It does show their strength of their car-tel with the group think that they have.

The light blue is one of the only colours it comes in
The light blue is one of the only colours it comes in

They are generally characterised by a lack of rims, rear suspension almost sitting on the wheel, a random assortment of dents on the car to cars that look like they have just come out of an accident but decided to continue driving.

Another group meeting
Another group meeting

I cannot however comment on the car itself because I have never driven one. I can tell you that the greatest USP (unique selling point) of this car, particularly the 2007 version which is awash on the streets of Harare, and other towns is the fact that this car does (in town) 8.6litres of petrol per 100km and 7.4litres of petrol per 100km on the highway. Sure that is estimated, but that means if you decided to drive to Johannesburg in a Fit (which I wouldn’t suggest because it looks like a shitty ride), all you would need to get there is 74litres of fuel…. give or take. You can basically drive forever and like 12 more months before you need to put fuel in your car. It’s ridiculous and unfair. My car does 10-13km of petrol per 100km. That’s not fair man!

Once I find the HFC leader, I will try and coax him into giving me an interview, so I can get more information about the nature of their Car-tel and what their extraordinary activities are…


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