Mad Max: Fury Road


So if this is your first time reading on of my movie reviews, please know that there are going to be some spoilers. Don’t give me a hard time if you haven’t watched the movie and you continue reading past my legal disclaimer. My simple response will be fuck off.

Anyway, wow this movie was wild. I have to say they managed to paint a really twisted post-apocalyptic future. The story is that poor Max tried to save his family and failed, and now you are not sure whether the voices he hears of his family have eventually driven him crazy. However whenever he seems like he’s in a tight spot he sees his poor dead daughter and he goes a little bit mad.

So anyway he seems to be generally wandering about some part of the world, or America (all end of world incidents start with America), when he gets picked up by some strange tribe of people who have a rather evil looking leader. (See pic below).

Evil Leader Named Immortal Joe
Evil Leader Named Immortal Joe

Now Joe has a couple of issues. For one he controls the inhabitants of his fine land with water. He gives them water when he wants. So they are extremely fucked. What we sort of see later on is that he is also milking some of the women of their breast milk…. I still didn’t quite get what that was about. Furthermore, he has a vault where he used to keep his daughters who he also used to sleep with (I think, am not sure).

Anyway, he sends one of his trusted drivers (Charlize Theron who has one arm) to go get fuel from some other town. It turns she had actually in advance had broken out Joe’s kids and had them in the truck she was driving. She leaves with a support team of Joe’s Warboys (funny gray dudes who constantly wanna kill themselves so that they can reach vallhalla).

Warboy about to do some crazy ass shit that won't lengthen his existence
Warboy about to do some crazy ass shit that won’t lengthen his existence

So when she goes off route, Joe finds out, goes and sees his vault is empty, and then proceeds to lose him mind a little and gets all his cars to go on the hunt after his daughters. Max happened to have been captured so one of the Warboys decides that he needs to make a statement at the front of his car, and thus places Max as a…. I don’t know what to call it, so I will show you.

Max as an extra front bumper?

Eventually after a few car chases and a whole lot of rather out there crazy ass shit happening, Max helps Charlize kill Joe, she almost dies but Max saves her, they go back from where they came from, she a dead Joe, open the water so the starving people have something to drink and then it basically ends.

My Highlights of the Movie

They managed to paint a very frightening post-apocalyptic world. The zoomed in on Joe’s face a lot to give him a pure maniacal look. The car chases were a bit ridiculous, but this is mad max. It was supposed to be over the top.

Max also isn’t the most talkative of people. So it is hard to figure

My biggest joy that made me laugh at the absolute nuttiness of the dudes who made this film was this truck that had a guy suspended in mid-air, with speakers behind him, holding a guitar playing music while they chased Charlize and Max down.

Oh and his guitar occasionally lets out a stream of fire. Yes, fire….

Thats the crazy shit I'm talking about!!!
That’s the crazy shit I’m talking about!!!

All in quite an entertaining movie. Two hours well spent. There were a few times where I stopped concentrating on what was going on, but that was just because of how crazy shit was!



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