Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf


It was with great joy that I managed to watch the third part of this really epic B movie. As I sat down with my wife and my gin and tonic I was excited as I had no idea how Whalewolf came into existence. This is probably the best Sharktopus I have watched. It was short and to the point and they had some awful dialogue during the movie (which was completely normal). However, it was bloody hilarious. They had the excellent Sega Megadrive CGI going down, the random kills and most of all the beach life soundtrack.

I don’t even want to bother trying to explain what was going down, apart from the fact that it was bloody brilliant. There were a few times that Sharktopus was slapped around, but he won in the end. Whalewolf proves to be a worthy adversary, and if you had watch the previous Sharktopus, you would have had a tear in your eye at the end of the movie.

Sega Mega Drive Graphics of Whalewolf Feeding
Sega Mega Drive Graphics of Whalewolf Feeding

If you are looking for a movie that you may forget after watching, but won’t regret, will have you laughing pretty much throughout the movie no matter how drunk or wasted you are, then this is the movie for you. It has an epic fight of proportions only imaginable in a B movie, an amazing cast that could only have been brought together in a B movie, and a storyline so loose no concentration is required… AT ALL.

All in all I gave this movie a 9/10 (B Movie rating). Even my wife liked it! I would totally watch the movie again, and would suggest that those of you who are open to watching other kinds of movie, put this on their must watch list.

sharktopus SW