OOOOOOO!!!!! First and foremost I have to once again give my disclaimer that this will have some spoilers. So please don’t come at me all mad bro. I’ve said it and I will now shout it: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS!!!!

So unlike my usual movie review, this one I am going to jump straight into the movie, or at least the parts that I loved about this movie so much. It has some people in the movie, who have acted in other stuff, and some other people who I had no idea what they may have acted in.

Well I have been waiting to see where they would go with superhero movies and I think this is my favourite to date. Probably because he is a little more realistic. He is potty mouthed, he has an attitude and also the skills to match it. He is not the typical superhero and probably wouldn’t get as much hype as Batman with the Dark Knight series, but it was certainly bloody entertaining.

There were a few times (once) where I got a little bit lost in the story but that was because I was concentrating too much (yeah that’s possible) but the story is very simple, isn’t overly convoluted and doesn’t have too many characters. It’s a comic book superhero. The dude is a bit of a murderer. Guns, knives, swords, fists. Anything goes for him. What was most entertaining was the fact the action was completely over the top. But in between the action there were lots of very good comedic moments. In fact the movie had me laughing at the opening credits.

Other enjoyable parts was also the little cross over that was done by introducing Colossus and this other X-Men chick (I don’t care much for her).


Random unknown X-Man


It was very enjoyable to see a character that for some UNKNOWN reasons the guys who butchered the X-Men movies (In my expert, humble and worldly impression) totally excluded. I mean the list of X-Men left out is quite long (Gambit, Cable, Jubilee, Banshee, Sunfire, Psylocke and Bishop to name a few) but I am not talking about the butchering of my favourite comic. No. I’m talking about Deadpool.


It wasn’t too long as well so it made for enjoyable watching over the 1hr45min. I would suggest it as a much watch movie. Do not go with anyone under the age of 16 unless you are American. If you are American then you can take your 12year sister if you like.


I give this movie a wonderful 12 out of an outrageous 5! It had style, good action and cool character and it was real good fun to watch.

Unfortunately we can now look forward to the impossible possibility of Ryan Reynolds staring as the main actor and supporting actor when they never make the Deadpool vs Green Lantern movie (honestly Hollywood, don’t…)