Been so long…

Wow its been so long since I left some dribble on the internets that I was almost at a loss as to what to harp on about. The truth is I am still lost. I guess I have been ok. Watched a few movies and kinda gotten on with life.

I suppose I could talk about the Batman vs Superman movie… or the Star Wars movie. Those were the two most recent movies that I watched. I think its gonna have to be a butchering of Batman vs Superman. Unfortunately there will be no pics involved as I can’t really be bothered but there will be loads of SPOILERS for those of you who are yet to watch the movie. Of course with the movie being a little “old” I hope (but don’t care much if you haven’t) you have watched the movie.

As far as I am concerned it was an OK movie. Doomsday was crazy which I loved. The attempted reboot of Alfred and also of Lex Luthor were both off. I will get to the two main heroes and some of the plots involved in a second.

Do you remember The Joker from The Dark Knight? It felt like they were trying to make Lex seem like that. I mean from the comics and cartoon movies Lex was never batshit insane. He was a crazy dude, but he had all of his ducks in a row. Maybe not a straight row, but there were organized. This new Lex that they decided to pull out seemed like a Joker remake and a very poor one.

Regarding this new Alfred that they decided to give us: No. If I was a billionaire and my butler acted like this fella I would have sold him to a bunch of pirates. That seemed like more his territory than being a billionaire’s butler.

Ben Affleck as batman: May it be the last time. Just no. I guess they were trying to maybe make him cooler, but you can’t take something that is cool and make it cooler. That’s like saying “the ice isn’t cold enough. Maybe if I put it in the fridge it will get colder”. No dude. That shit doesn’t work.

Superman dies at the end. That brought a smile to my face, simply because I despise that monkey who flies around in his underwear. It was nice to see that it was Doomsday who ripped a huge hole through his chest. That was satisfying.

There was a little introduction to Wonder Woman. That was cool. They could have maybe introduced her a little more than they did. Maybe they did but the movie got to various boring parts (like the dream that Bruce Wayne has that’s a dream in a dream in a dream (Inception has gone and gotten everyone excited)) and I missed the introduction. They seem to be saying that she was a genetically modified something something, but I had always know her to be an Amazonian warrior.

Overall I think that the movie was ok. The dialogue between most of the characters was again ok. The story was ok. Of late superhero movies have been struggling since Deadpool and Antman were done. Those were two very clever movies which were extremely enjoyable. Batman vs Superman was kinda…. meh it was ok. We now have to wait for Superman Returns (whatever shape that will come in) and then eventually the Justice League and the crew that is going to be involved in that potential fuck up.

But who am I but an unpaid movie critic….

Oh yeah I give this time watching this movie a 6.5/10…..