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Eli DeFariaI remember when I was 24 — I was working at my big girl job, and I recall telling my co-worker that I had hopes of working in the entertainment industry. I foolishly shared my aspirations with her, and do you want to know what she said? She said, “Aren’t you too old to…

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Little Dead Rotting Hood


Run Time: 1hr 28min

Release Year: Straight to DVD Jan 2016

Cast: Bianca A Santos, Eric Balfour, Romeo Miller and Patrick Muldoon

Now it has been a while since I watched a good B-movie, and this one had all the hallmarks to be one of those B-movies that I would regret watching. The movie is based in some hick American town where everyone knows everyone, the sheriff is a cool young good looking guy with poor people skills, decision making and hates his wife. It follows a very badly told story of the descendant of a werewolf hunter (not the sheriff), who somehow gets attacked by a werewolf and kind of survives. She spends most of her movie not remembering why she keeps waking up bloody and in torn clothing, while at the same time being rather unenthusiastically searched for by her boyfriend (coz she goes missing).


Mr. Sheriff guy with no people skills


So as I said, I thought I would regret watching the movie, but it was done so badly that it confused the shit out of me. The performance done by Patrick Muldoon brought the movie to life and made it extremely entertaining. His jokes were on point and he gave the movie a lease of life that made it entertaining. However, some of the incidents that then occur during the movie made my insides twist around (not because it was frightening or disgusting. But coz of how B they made the movie).


maxresdefault (1)
This was the main werewolf… 1985 Atari Graphics


The sheriff then proceeds to (against the advice of his deputy) to hunt the werewolves down themselves instead of engaging the state troopers to come handle this small issue they are having in their town.

This results in the deaths of MANY of the local townspeople. Most of all the death of the deputy. From the moment he dies the movies becomes rather difficult to watch as there is no one to tell jokes and make you laugh. As with most B-Movies, you can start to tell when the money for the movie started to run out. The explosions became more and more graphic (1985 Atari Graphic), they started repeating scenes to make it seem like there were lots of werewolves in the little town and they generally started running around the town with little to no direction.

All in all this movie is good for a few scenes, it should not be watched sober or alone. This sort of punishment should be shared and not experienced alone. I would suggest staying FAR away from this movie. Even Google said that it was a straight to DVD movie. That should say SOMETHING!

P.S. Before taking movies from work colleagues computers, ask google what the movie is about to avoid massive disappointment