Well hello. I am an 80s baby born and bred in Harare, Zimbabwe (It’s in Southern Africa FYI). I studied my tertiary education in London at Westminster University. My degree was a BSc Construction & Surveying (I know some stuff about building. Am not an engineer). After studying I returned back home and currently work for a construction company building stuff.

I enjoy all kinds of music but am more of an electronic/house fan but grew up listening to rap music (the old stuff eg Tupac, BIG, NAS, Wu-Tang Clan et al). I would call myself a serious gamer but I really play whenever I get the chance. I am not yet stuck on my PS3. Am an android/Samsung fanboy, I enjoy reading when I can, and me and my wife have two dogs which are yet to make an appearance on the blog.

My blogs are an expression of the crazy thoughts that swirl through my head on a daily basis. I try not to talk about depressing things as life is for the living. Also, I share A LOT of spoilers in my blogs about movies so beware.

If you like my blogs please comment, and any requests for blogs (even if they involve me watching a movie and blogging about it) are welcome.

A wise man once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”



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