The first one is the hardest

Imagine I have been sitting in front of this with the page open for the last two hours thinking about what the hell I am going to mumble about. At first I was actually going to have a moan about a particular OLIVIA POPE and a show that everyone else but me absolutely loves (At the end of season 2 I put it on the bon fire of tv shows…), but after spending the day daydreaming during training at work I decided there was something else that I wanted say.


You know there are people who you say are your best friends coz they were with you during a certain time of your life (university, first few years of work, last few years of high school), and of course the proverbial comedian named life decides to make things interesting. As a result said best friend ends up on the other side of the planet…. or in another province. Regardless the new relocation sometimes makes things very different.


But then there was something else that I started to realise. Apart from distance people end up changing and you realise that said person was almost a “temporary best friend”. All of a sudden you realise that you have friends who you will probably see once, maybe twice a year, and the less you see them and talk to them, the more you forget about them.


But I guess that is the life of it. If don’t keep moving you will get left behind. 


Sometimes these things happen all the time – Herbie HerbasciousImage