Ashley Madison


So Ashley Madison has been in the news recently. There are a bunch of internet terrorists who hacked the website and said if they don’t shut down the website they would release all of the people who have signed up for the website’s personal information. Ashley Madison is described as (seen above in the picture) an online dating and social networking site marketed for people in relationships and marriages.

Ok hang the fuck on. This site basically helps people cheat on their husbands and wives. There are a couple of issues involved here that I am gonna rant about. Firstly this website ENCOURAGES infidelity by promising to keep your infidelity hidden. Like really? What is more shocking is that from the above banner there are shitloads of people signing up and using the website. What the fuck is going on? Sometimes I do think that the world is burning. As far as I am concerned, if you aint happy in your marriage (for whatever reason), cheating is not gonna make you happy with your partner. Get the fuck outta there if you  aint happy. Why lie to yourself and your person? I am not the voice of reason on this topic and I am merely making my own point of view about it. But what the fuck guys?

These guys operate in 29 countries around the world. Not surprising most/all of the countries are first world countries (with the second world country of South Africa included).

The second this I want to rant about is gonna sound like I support this shit. I don’t. Not one bit. It’s garbage. If you gonna straight up go to a church or do the registry thing and get married, you sign a legal document saying that you are a one man one woman person. If you wanna fuck around don’t get married. But what is worse is that this website shows how lazy the internet has made the human race (As I said I don’t agree with it). Before if people wanted to fuck around they would have to make the bloody effort and leave the house and go and talk to other people and lie that they weren’t married (or omit that part) and not wear their ring and put in bloody time and effort. Now motherfuckers be opening their computer and doing it from the comfort of their office at work on the work computer acting like they working and shit. Again garbage.

I am QUITE glad that the website got hacked. I hope they shut that shit down. I don’t agree with it, its not right and it sure as hell aint OK. I happened upon a few articles that I sped read from people who apparently worked for the website and they spoke about “it was the best place to work”. That’s some straight up PR bullshit. It’s like someone who works for a company that designs missiles or bullets saying “I get job satisfaction at work”. Nope, I call shenanigans. I hope the website goes up in flames. Or the internet terrorists release all the data they have. That would make for some interesting times….