You gotta crush it to know how life is lived!

Crush it NOW!!!!

I always thought that the death of humanity and normalcy would be the fact that we prefer to hide behind our SII, SIII and SIV, whatsapping, swiping, texting, updating our twirra et al. I had even made a pact with my darling girlfriend (well she was the one who came up with the idea, but I just help to enforce it) where by should we be together just the two of us, our phones would be out of sight, out of mind. Its nice. We talk as opposed to spending time with each other talking to other people. It actually works.

The more I think about it, I am constantly looking at my phone ALL the time. It wasn’t until my friend gave me a pretty good app that helps save battery. It switches off your 3G and WIFI when the screen is off. The staring at phone has gotten even worse with the advent of none other than CANDY CRUSHNow you have gasps, loud swearing, giggling, twerking, sometimes cries of joy and also cries of anguish. All this coming from grown men.

But can you explain to me how candy crush can tell a GROWN MAN!!! not to play on his phone for 24hrs! Really!!! – Unendoro

Gingerbread Glade… yummy

Above is an example of the emotions that candy crush inflicts on grown people. I have to say that they have done it really well those evil app makers. You have to wait 30 minutes for a life (or ask a friend), you need tickets to go to the next level that you have to ask friends for, and they have made it all fluffy with stages names and bright colours and words like delicious and sweet that occasionally pop up.

Pastille Pyramid… sounds nice…whatever that is

Its actually bloody madness. It got to the stage that I googled how to cheat. If you change the time on your phone you get lives! Like lots of them. Of course when you rectify this time change, it sometimes puts you a few hundred hours behind in terms of lives.

This is what stage of addiction I am on… the are a total of 400 and something stages

I won’t say that I am addicted to this game, per say (The first stage of addiction is denial). I just have a never say die attitude. I will not accept losing. I just keep trying and trying and trying. I have a firm belief that all games created by a human are meant to be beaten. The unbeatable does not exist.

Football is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys – Oscar Wilde


The LA Complex
















So I kinda promised that I would avoid doing movie/tv show reviews. But this one was too good to pass up. I am going to try not to talk too much about the show itself, but I will give prompts as to why I kinda enjoyed this show.


So it was the saturday night after my sister in law/big wife/maiguru’s bridal shower. I returned after a day away from the house as it was full of women and they were doing whatever women do during a bridal shower. There was no beer for me to drink but I managed to get my hands on a bottle of gin and some tonic. (See below the damage done)


As I sat there slowly slipping into a semi depressed state with nothing to watch on TV, gin slowly running out, no impetus to play PS3, I started going through the normal routine of channel surfing in the hope that I would find something that would hide the slowly setting depression (alcohol was finishing, ciggies finished, no other company other than DSTV). I happened across one of the funny MTV channels that DSTV have (*sidebar: its funny how MTV does more TV shows than actual music. I thought it was a music channel…. Music Television? Isn’t that what it stands for??) and there was a show called The LA Complex. When I hit ‘i’ it said reality show in the synopsis. 

So I sat there and watched a little to see what nonsense it was. This is a clear sign of the depths of my boredom that I decided I would watch a random reality TV show. Turns out it was far from a reality TV show, but actually a show with a bit of substance. The characters are decent, there are none so far that annoy me (LIKE OLIVIA POPE!!!!), the story so far has potential, there are some crazy ass characters, manipulators, failures and the odd ball randoms and its kinda funny too. 

It reminded me of two other shows that I got from watching MTV (The Hard Times of RJ Berger and Awkward) which I was really surprised by. They were really good, but in the case of Awkward and RJ Berger, became a little predictable (The are both about the woes of being in an American high school. They should do one about the shit we go through here in Zim). The L.A. Complex though has me intrigued (MORE THAN SCANDAL HAD ME!!!!)


In conclusion (coz its almost lunch time and I’m having a bit of this today:


There is no meat today, but still… train of thought gone. Give The LA Complex a go. Episodes are 44min long. If you don’t like it by the 3 episode then you are an alien.


Illusion is the first of all pleasures – Oscar Wilde