The Cashbert Conspiracy

The USD230 000.00 a month man

For those of you who don’t know there was a mother of all revelations recently that the CEO of PSMAS (Premier Service Medical Aid Society) was paying himself a WHOPPPING USD230 000.00 a MONTH!!!! This by the way (there is some argument about it and I am not going to Google it because my subject matter is a little different from the issue) according to some people is a parastatal. Eventually the press got a hold of it and we found out. There were groans and moans in the bars from Harare to Kotwa. People calculated how many civil servants he could have paid with one salary, and furthermore how many people he could actually support (500 civil servants on his salary, multiplied by 6 people per family = around 3000). People tried to imagine what they would do with that kind of money. Jokes were made and passed around on WhatsApp. It was a circus.

All these salaries are in USD… just so you know

Today he was eventually forced to retire, albeit with some disgusting package. People feel a little better now that the monstrous pay that this guy was getting has finally been halted. Especially since the organisation still haven’t paid my brother for the birth of his son. So we all managed to breathe a sigh of relieve. Conversations in the bars now turn to if the #GoWarriors (Once again for those of you unfamiliar the Warriors are the Zimbabwe National Soccer Team) will manage to beat Libya in the Africa Cup of Nations.

There is something that we are not talking about: The fact that some good has come from this whole situation. This is the perfect time for us to wake up as a Nation. Maybe a drive should be made so that it is public knowledge what these CEOs of parastatals are taking home every month. PSMAS is apparently USD38 000 000.00 in debt, but they were still paying their CEO 230k a month, they passed a board resolution that all of the top management would get a random bonus of around 300k, but they did nothing to bring themselves out of this 38million dollar hole?

You can get your adding machine and work out how many civil servants he could pay on one month’s salary

There needs to be a little more transparency in order for there to be accountability. I doubt that some of these CEOs would be proud to say that they are taking home a SHITLOAD of money every month, but the parastatal is unable to fully function. This lack of management is unacceptable. As more of these stories come out, I hope that there is some clearing up that is being done.

I say this with a great deal of difficulty, but for once the newspapers in this country have done something right. I am very sure, that very soon they will return to their polarised finger pointing ways…