It was all a lie!!!!


“You can do what you like when you finish school” they used to say. Just to make us keep our concentration for the whole day. You know, when you were younger you used to dream. Dream of that day of finishing school and then not doing anything. Just sleeping late, staying up late. Never aware of the honest frightening fact that you could possibly end up behind a desk for the next 20 years doing something you never imagined you would do. I suppose that’s the joke about life. Does that mean that as school kids we should have been taught early about what actually makes the world go around. I never understood why my dad used to go to work when I was a kid. I just assumed he went to work coz he liked it.

The biggest shock was getting to LANDAN! That was real. Now I had to go to school AND work. That was mind blowing. But university was different. Going to lectures hanging and on little sleep, skipping lectures, drinking at lunch time, leaving at the break in lecture et al. I am sure there is more that I can go on about how everyone essentially survived through the monotone lecturers who could put an insomniac to sleep in about 3.5 seconds. My university was cool coz they used to put up the lecture material online sometimes before the lecture. Kind of made going to the lecture pointless (or so some people thought).

But the real thing that I’ve been thinking since I got to work, is that the reality that you build up while you are at school and the reality of actuality are two very very different things. I consider myself to be one of a few people (apart from skydivers, concept car testers, computer game testers, food/restaurant critics, generally any critic) who actually enjoys his job. Yes its get VIOLENTLY boring when I spend all day harassing people and sometimes sleeping at my desk (Inemuri (居眠り) is the Japanese practice of sleeping on the job. It literally. It is a way for an employee to show how committed they are to working. In other words, the employee spends so much time working that they sleep too little at home and have to do inemuri), watching whole seasons of TV shows in a week and having enough time to continually prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

This isn’t the reason I like my job. I am not going to bore you with the reasons, but I will mention one thing. In my industry it is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be two identical projects. Can’t happen, won’t happen. Buildings will look the same, but because they are at two different locations they are not the same. This brings in a lot of other interesting possible differences to the two projects.

Today I have decided to do something that I have put off for too long. I am actually going to try and teach myself (the hard way) something I DESPISE with quite a fervent passion and was very happy to see the back off in first year university. I am also going to do it the hard way because I think that’s the only way I will learn.

Wish me luck as I am about to plunge myself into the world of taking off and quantity surveying.

If I had known that life would have been this hard when I was older I would have played harder when I was a kid. – Herbert Ram