The Work Slavery Has Begun…

I want to start by wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. I hope you had a safe and enjoyable festive season. If you can’t remember much of it, then you drank enough.

Well I am finally back at work. Yes yes yes I know that I seem to also blog at work. I also know that I have been off for about a month and there are a lot of people who are frankly glad that I have returned to working again. Personally I’m a little bit glad to be back at work. Not over the moon, but a little bit glad. After a month, you run out of things to do, and run out of money, get tired of all the powercuts (power outages to other people), there is only so much sleep you can have in the middle of the morning, and there is so much drunken behaviour that you can engage in before you become obnoxious, even to yourself.

I’ve decided to describe my holiday through mainly pictures and a few choice words as well.

1. The Best Party I’ve been to since coming back to Zimbabwe in 2009

Neverland 2013. A party in field with DJs playing music from midday till midnight. To be held at my sports club OGS. It was advertised on the BookFace for a few months before it happened. Had no idea who any of the DJs were. All I knew was that it was going to be an electronic music event. I kept on saying that I wanted to go to it, but I didn’t go and actually buy the tickets. I was trying to sell it to my friends. My wonderful girlfriend had agreed to go with me. Then one day she told me she had got tickets and we were going.

Chido showing us how the American’s do it
My girl, Farai’s wife, and Farai infront of the stage

Also the weather report had said that it was gonna rain cats, dogs, monkeys, and a few goats. The weather was atrocious.

The stage had visualisations!

The stage during the day looked nice and entertaining…

Mark Stent had us guys going a bit nutty

At night it was a Christmas tree.

All in all, the BEST party I have been to in Zimbabwe… EVER!!!

Seasons greetings from Pilsner after the show

2. Nyanga with friends for New Years

We managed to put together our little trip with friends from the 28th of December till the 2nd of January. At this stage, staying in Harare for New Years is expensive and stupid. Instead we got into our cars and got out of town to get some fresh air and over indulge in everything. I will let the pictures explain…

The refreshments for the trip
Balling outta control with our high stakes poker games
Some of the beautiful scenery that is Nyanga

When we came back to the pollution filled Harare, we realised just how relaxing it was to get out into proper fresh air and just relax.

3. Brain exercise/relaxation/distraction

Part of the collection that I dove into during my holiday

This was the main way that I kept our of trouble. I played a LOT of PS3. It kept me up until 3am, of random Tuesday nights, it gave me block eyes, it made me a little afraid to leave the house sometimes. I also added onto the collection above, and subtracted. I added some FIFA, The Walking Dead and Siphon FIlter. Surprisingly I only managed to finish The Walking Dead. I got a lot of gaming in, and it felt good, and also made me feel a little sick sometimes. Please adhere to the warning that says take a break every so often. You will start to believe that you are being followed around by either masked gunmen with automatic weapons or something insane like that.

Funnily enough, I still haven’t even picked up GTA V… that’s how good some of the other games I’m playing are.

2013 Review/2014 Preview

Last year was good. This year I hope will be better for me and for all my friends and loved ones. This year I have decided to not fight as many fires are I fought last year. I am gonna let a few of them burn and I will watch from the sideline. I also want to try and quit smoking. It’s started off not as great, but its a work in progress. I also want to give up the booze for a while. If possible, even reduce it down to a minuscule amount per week (nothing would be better). If I manage to do a month dry, I will buy myself something a reward for doing something that I should have been able to do.

I also will hopefully get back into doing regular exercise (to help with the stopping of the smoking). This needs to be a year of doing. Results based. I hope that for you, it is also a year of success and completion. As Robbie Williams once said, “No regrets. They don’t work.”


The End of Term

This is a day I have been waiting for with giddy anticipation. For those of you who don’t know me, I work in the construction industry. Specifically in the estimating department of a construction company. We are responsible for compiling and submitting tenders that are advertised/we are invited to tender to, and also responsible for estimating the cost of proposed works.

We use our fair share of dark arts in the work we do. Our dark arts aren’t as dark as Professional Quantity Surveyors (PQS’s are different from QS’s who work for contractors). The job can be monotonous, the hours are painful and sometimes the weekends are non-existent.

It’s an interesting department of the company. I get to go to (un)exotic places for site visits, get to speed from HQ with tender documents to the other side of town when submissions are late, and worst of all I have to remain on call WAY more than I like.

Out of all of this, there is one thing I like about working in this industry.

Month Long Holiday

This gives me great joy every year to know that for a month I get to wind down, switch off my daily 545am alarm, sleep in, spend days without combing my hair, bath only when I have to leave the house, reduce my daily drive of 50km to hopefully MUCH less.

This holiday is also fraught with danger. I could be broke in the first week just because of boredom. I have devised a few schemes to keep me hopefully occupied enough to not go on a spending spree.

Hopefully these graphic novels will keep me occupied
My games should keep me occupied. Some have been lent out but will be back soon

If all else fails, I will resort to the one other thing that will keep me distracted, and at home especially at night…

Golden Nectar and Mindless Violence

I will keep you informed of my mental state over the holiday period. I will also take lots and lots of random pictures just because I can.

To those still at work, the end is near!!!!!!

Till the next blog-isode!!

The beginning of my year

So as some of you know it was my age day on Saturday. I turned a year older. A step closer to the dreaded 30. Between me and my friends, 30 is an age where the wheels either fall apart or they come together. I think it’s because it’s a big unknown. I guess every year is a big unknown. The expectations of maturity are greater. More people asking when I am going to get married or why I’m not married yet, asking about kids. It’s funny when it comes from someone who is neither married or has kids. It’s as if they think that once you hit a certain age if you haven’t done certain things you are weird. Well I was born weird. Of course I am about to digress from the topic at hand so I will redirect the brain cell for the time being.

Pumpkinication – The feeling that one is about to turn into a pumpkin. Usually followed by a sense of helplessness. Reason for turning into a pumpkin are not always known or clear. (Ensign’s Book of Made up Terms)

I somehow imagined that this is what I was going to look like

My birthday every year is something that I find hard to describe. It is always random. Some weird shit almost always happens.

This year started off civilised. On the Friday night (day before the actual day of pumpkinication), I went out for dinner with a few people. It was at a restaurant called Carriage Halt. The décor of the place was quite pleasant, the food was pretty good, the drinks menu was passable and the service was SHOCKING. Oh my days…. It was actually ridiculous. I’ve had to reorder drinks when I have been at a bar and the waiter is overwhelmed by the people around him also trying to order. But we were in a room so technically this dude was supposed to be OUR waiter. I do suppose that every food outlet has good and bad days. Theirs was especially a bad day. That didn’t put a damper on the dinner because the company made the night, not the restaurant or the food or the tequila shots with chilli at the bottom. The company made the night. (The tequila chilli shots did result in me almost losing my stomach).

Thanks to Bibi, beer pong was mobilised…

The following day I had a braai/bbq at home with friends and family. That was a standard affair. People came and left and came again. It was good. Of course I couldn’t help shake the feeling that I had turned into a pumpkin. I spent a lot of the night walking around restlessly like there was something I was supposed to have done. I couldn’t figure it out none the less. Of course it eventually came to my attention what it was. For the first time in YEARS, i was a little upset that some of my friends who had said they would come to the dinner and the braai didn’t come. I then became even more upset when i figured out that in my newfound age i had suddenly grown feelings.

Some of these items would also be in my trolley in the even of The Zombie Apocalypse

Feeling’s I never used to have on my previous birthdays that the fun was had by those present.

To the left beer pong being set up. To the right gents setting themselves up for whatever they spent the rest of the night doing

It made me sit down, rethink and maybe also reinvent myself. But i realised that I like me as I am. I will say that I have learnt a few things over the last year of mine.

  1. There is nothing wrong with exercise. It helps to confuse one’s liver
  2. You need to figure out how to be happy without the person who makes you happy.
  3. Forgive people for the things they do to you. Never forget their faces
  4. I need to spend more time just with myself
  5. The Last Of Us is an awesome game
  6. It’s nice to have goals and dreams. It’s better to want them
  7. Losing friends isn’t as bad as FaceBook makes it out to be
  8. Life isn’t all puppies and lap dances
  9. Fights and arguments are two different things
  10. This feelings thing that I found is kinda wack

With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone – Oscar Wilde