Product of your environment


It’s a question I have asked myself numerous times. Are we a product of our environment or are we just born and wired to be a certain way. It was a conversation I was having with my brother. Some people use the excuse that they are a certain way because of maybe their upbringing. Some things can be excused and that works as a relevant reason. Of course, the other side to the conversation is that people are just that way. In my few years on this planet, I have met all sorts of people. Some have been friends for lot of years and I have had to shelve the friendship. This usually has been because their true colours have eventually come out. Some of these people have hurt me or hurt the people I care about.

I think this is when you eventually see the true nature of some people. When they are being nice and decent to you, it can be just how they are acting to get what they want from you, be it emotional or financial support, or any other form of support. Of course when they do show what they are underneath the layers of lies and how fake they are, that is when you truly see some people for who they are. How selfish, spiteful, lying, violent, misleading, heartless, self righteous they are (This isn’t one person. They are just adjectives I could use to describe some people I may or may not know).

Some of the hoodies are so big they look like the grim reaper…

You have the yobs that grow up in inner city London, who go around in gangs, with their hoodies, harassing innocent bystanders, giving people happy slaps behave this way because this is all they know. To them they think that threatening people, spitting everywhere, swearing and skipping school is the only way to survive. Some of them come from rather poor backgrounds. The question is: are they a product of their environment or have they simply adjusted in order to survive? There is an aspect of mob mentality to this as well as they spend their time in gangs.

This was during the London Riots. Helps to hide identity I guess

If you grow up without a lot of things in your life, when you have the opportunity to get money does that mean you will immediately do whatever it takes to get it? There are humble people who are loaded and there are also humble people who aren’t. I think that it is mainly to do with how that person is wired.

People who let the way they are be changed by their environment are a little spineless as far as I’m concerned. If your environment states that you cannot show your talent or show that you have ideas, then you need to find one that will.

I agree and sort of disagree with the statement

People are people at the end of the day. The ones who are assholes are born assholes. There is nothing anyone can do about it. How you are brought up will affect you no doubt. However, to use that as an excuse throughout your whole life shows that you have not grown up. At the end of the day, no one chooses their own circumstances, especially at a young age. Ultimately you have to adjust and deal with the past and accept it because you can’t change it.

The simplicity of your character makes you exquisitely incomprehensible to me – Oscar Wilde