Happy People

I initially had a different semi rant that I wanted to share with the very few people who read this, but I changed my mind after a late night visit and semi drunken conversation with a very good friend. By the way I have had one too many gins and Transformers 1 is playing in the background… if that makes sense at all.


There is a big struggle that I go through with regards to who a person is. The difficulty is that there are the expectations that other people have of us. At the same time a very important person in my life once (and many times thereafter) told me that in life you must do whatever makes you happy. As friends all you can do is try and advise people what YOU think is the best course of action or behavior. Of course now when you are in a committed relationship, we try and change other people and who they are or how they behave. It’s a bit of an annoying thing because you have the best interests, but if you fail to explain your behavior then its gets tricky.


But I have slightly lost the train of rant. We are all individuals and there are some things that cannot be change come hell or the zombie apocalypse. We all need to accept that sometimes as stubborn as everyone is (coz according to a band I once heard in the UK all humans are germs), the things that we say to each other are more of support and advice than anything else. 


There is more than meets the eye… with you – Sam; Transformers