The Girlfriend Experience *SPOILER ALERT*


Well, I got home from a short week at work and happened upon my wife watching this TV show. I am finding it quite hard to properly express how it made me feel but I am going to give it a go.

Basically, the show is about a female law student who is doing an internship at some law firm and she is a prostitute or high-class call girl (I don’t see the difference between the two….). The story follows how she fantastically fails to balance these two careers.

So I only managed to catch the second half of the first season (and I am pretty much glad I didn’t watch the first half of the season. The main characters fall from grace is inevitable as I feel like the writers wrote themselves into a nice little corner, but I will get into that later). By the time I started she had been left $500,000 by a now dead client (not from her job as an intern, but from her prostituting), she had a stalker (possibly from her prostituting), she was being blackmailed (to give up the $500k she was left from her prostituting or she would be exposed as being a prostitute) and she had slept with one of her bosses.

It was at this point that I felt that the show really lost the plot. They tried to make her job as an intern interesting and add some dynamics to her life – a “friend” from the office, a cool boss (not the one she slept with, another one), and some really beautiful interior designing for her apartment and also her office space that distracted from the many things the show was lacking.

She eventually gets fired from her work when she is exposed as a prostitute. She, in the process, takes down the boss who she slept with. It was at this point where they should have brought the show to an end. The writers (in my expert opinion as someone who has NEVER written a TV show in my LIFE) reduced the number of story arcs that could be explored by firing her from her job as an intern.

The reason why I am of this opinion is that once she lost her job as an intern, the only thing they could write about is her having sex for money. They had the potential to push a few story arcs, but one of the guys turns into someone she has internet sex with a few times, and the other guy is too wasted for there to be a viable story to write about him.

The show has one recognizable face (or one face I recognized), which is Chloe O’Brian from 24. She is floating around in the show. The rest of the cast felt as forgettable as the story they were trying to do.


Unfortunately, the show felt as though it was a vague challenge to Suits (which I thought was also absolutely ridiculous… and I only managed to watch the first season then I had to stop…). This to me felt like they wanted to portray the main lady as a strong, independent and decisive woman. Instead I found that she struggled making decisions, she wanted to bake her cake, watch it rise in the oven, take it out, smell it, eat it and sell it all at the same time; furthermore she could not be trusted (there are a few times that it feels like she’s trying REALLY hard to manipulate people by recording conversation. NOT. COOL).

All in all, it was a great bit of background TV. I hope that they DO NOT do another season of the show. Even if they do, it’s not like I would watch it. I would much rather spend my time looking for comics to download and read… or sleep.

Final Verdict: There are more interesting was to spend 24 minutes (that’s the length of an episode)


That Awkward Moment you unfriend someone on the BookFace



I am sure it has happened to all of you at least once in your lives. You are like me and a few other people. Once a year you HAVE to cull some people from your BookFace friends list. Really, who knows 458 people? Anyway you happen to delete someone who maybe lives in your city, someone who’s number you have but you haven’t in donkeys years. In fact its been so long since you saw them and spoke to them face to face you are not even sure that they still live in the same city/town.

With one click, you have reduced your friend list down to 457. Ah you feel so much better. It was a long time coming. You had to reduce the numbers (eventhough it was only by 1) and you feel relieved, at peace, cleansed. Not there was nothing wrong with this particular person. Unfortunately when you loaded the mouse, and the crosshairs hovered over that person’s face and the BookFace told you more about that person, you ended them (on BookFace).


Lo and behold a few days later you are out in the supermarket or at a pub/bar/library/random park bench/mutual friend birthday party and there is that moment that you lock eyes with said culled individual. In your head you think that its going to be a totally harmless “hello! How are you” with a big smiley at the end of it. Instead you are confronted with an awkward conversation that I am sure approximately 74.32% of the worlds population has experienced once (if they are lucky) if not twice in their lives. The dreaded question: “Why did you delete me on the BookFace?”




I find it to be such a weird question. Its the BookFace. Do we all want to stalk other people so much that we feel offended if someone does delete us from the BookFace? We don’t. But there is that weird feeling like you have done something wrong, but you haven’t!

Its so odd how Mark Zuckerburg (or however you spell the dudes name) has some how taken over. Think about it….