When Ideas Run Out


I decided that I needed WordPress to remind me once a week that I was due a blog. Not because I actually needed the reminder. It was just nice every now and again to have something telling me that I should come online during work and put something up that is semi meaningful, hopefully kinda funny and most of all a little bit thought provoking. I was convinced that I would have something to talk about by now. All the conversations that I have had clearly have not been interesting enough for me to remember them and to reproduce them here. 

So I figure that this must be a little what writers block feels like. The complete and utter lack of inspiration to build a world that you imagined. If this was my case of writers block, I just wanna say I am happy that I at LEAST started. I would have now run out of ideas close to Chapter 4 of 8 (I doubt I would write long books if I did). Of course the genre of my book would beyond me. I am sure it would be some silly futuristic zombie-pocalyptic action comedy with superheroes. I mean can you imagine being chased by a zombie wolverine…



Damn he’s frightening enough, now you wanna make him wanna eat you? I don’t know how I got on to this, but I think it’s a good start for my blog.



I am going to give you a list of superheroes and which ones you would best avoid when they are the zombies that we are running away from.

  1. Zombie Wolverine – As I said earlier, he is already feral and slightly unhinged. I mean, would you be friends with a guy who couldn’t get drunk, aged really slowly and also have metal laced to his bones with claws that come out of his hands that can cut through just about anything? Then you wanna make him into a blood thirsty mindless zombie? I think even other zombies would be afraid of him. AVOID Image
  2. Zombie Xavier – Now he would be fun. He already can’t walk. If you could strap him to his chair so he cant turn round and chomp you, chances are he would confuse all the other zombies and go into their heads and give them mixed signals. TURN IN TO PET
  3. Zombie Jean Grey – Well this is interesting. Technically as Jean she could become a zombie. If she was Dark Phoenix as a zombie, the world would come to an end so quick that no one would even realise that we once existed. I am sure she would eat the planet, or make in implode or something. That would be a here today gone 3 milliseconds later. NOT MUCH YOU CAN DOImage

All in all its clear that if the X-Men come to town as Zombies… Not even ‘Murica will be able to save us!!!