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Depression is a monster. I was originally going to go into more detail with that statement, but I don’t feel that there needs to be anything more said. Depression is one of the cruelest monsters that over 300 million people have to deal with. These are just the people that are diagnosed – there could…

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Bumblebee (2018) *SPOILER ALERT*

bb poster

Run time: 1 Swift hour and 54 painless minutes

Directed by: Travis Knight

Writers:  Christina HodsonChristina Hodson

Starring:  Hailee SteinfeldJorge Lendeborg Jr.John Cena

After a rather disappointing end of the previous Transformers movies (in my opinion), I was very sceptical about the Bumblebee movies. So sceptical in fact, that I only watched the movie last week. I waited until all the fanfare had died down, got myself a copy of the movie and sat down with my wife to watch it.

Now I have always been a big fan of the Transformers franchise, though I am also quite critical of it. The first two or so movies I felt had things in order. After that, the movies started to feel a whole lot repetitive. The action in the movies was top notch because Michael Bay was directing them. Of course in this movie Bay takes a producer role.


I really enjoyed Bumblebee. It was the first Transformers movie that had more emotion than explosions. The lead does a pretty good job and as always Bumblebee is very entertaining even though he hardly says much as with all the other Transformers movies.


Boy of the left keeps trying to fill his feeling station with girl on the right

A good job to replace Witwickey’s parents. The leads parents brought a fresh bit of humour to the movie and funnily explored the difficulty of a step parent.

The obligatory destruction of a house by an alien robot

Though the action sequences were few in the movie, it was still quite entertaining and very easy to watch. Oh and John Cena is the cheesiest actor I have ever watched trying to be serious in a movie. He was so cheesy that he almost made the movie a B movie.

As always the humans gets convinced by some Decepticons to assist them in hunting down Bumblebee. Why we do this as humans and trust advanced aliens I will never know.

B doing his thing

All in all I give this movie a solid 4.3/5. A decent watch and a breath of fresh air. Definitely not a straight to DVD movie.